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  • Where and when did KPRC 2 get Tex?
    o    I was rescued from the Houston SPCA in 2018.
  • How old was Tex when he was rescued?
    o    I was just 10 weeks old when I found my "furever" home.
  • What breed of dog is Tex?
    o    I'm a Maltipoo! (Maltese/Poodle)
  • Does he live at the station?
    o    Only during the day.
  • Where does Tex sleep/stay at night?
    o    I go home with our General Manager Jerry Martin at night, but I also have sleepovers with a few other work friends.
  • Does he appear on TV?
    o    I do! I appear every day on Houston Life at 1 p.m.
  • Does he get along well with others?
    o    I do! I'm great with other animals and people, especially children.
  • What is the name of his charity?
    o    My charity has a great name! It's called Tex’s Charitable POUNDation.
  • What type of charity is it?
    o    It's a 501(c)(3).
  • How does Tex's Charitable POUNDation receive funds?
    o    When people and businesses around town want me to make an appearance, they fill out a request form and make a donation to my charitable POUNDation.
  • Who/what benefits from the charity?
    o    It gives money to local shelters and rescue groups that receive little to no funding
  • How does Tex help?
    o    I help by visiting local animal shelters, taking photos with animals in need, and sharing them to my Instagram.
  • How do the posted photos help the animals in need?
    o    They raise awareness for my friends needing to get adopted.
  • What is his Instagram handle?
    o    My insta handle is @kprc2tex. Don't forget to tag me and use these hashtags: #tvtex and #kprc2.