Denali Foundation gala sails to new heights

HOUSTON – The Denali Foundation, started by Sequoia DiAngelo to honor her father and brother who died while climbing K2, is the gala everyone is talking about this year, and not just because of its mission to help the well being of children across the globe through the arts.

Themed "A Night in the Sky," guests were surprised as the room went dark and keynote speaker and renowned highline artist Faith Dickey began walking across a slack line strung above between columns of The Corinthian downtown while giving her speech. Finally, she descended to the floor to finish her speech to a stunned crowd. 

KPRC 2’s own Andy Cerota was the master of ceremonies.

For more information about the Denali Foundation, go to DenaliFoundation.org.

Editor's note: This story originally reported that the gala raised $1.4 million. The above story has been corrected.