Universoul Circus in Houston

HOUSTON – It’s the UniverSoul Circus, and right now it’s calling Houston home.

Zeke, as he goes by under the big top, has been a part of UniverSoul since it began 23 years ago in Atlanta. He says the show’s creator started with a simple idea: to take a traditional circus and add a twist of soul flavor.

UniverSoul Circus is that feeling, it’s that soul, it’s interactive, outside of the world-class performers that we have from around the world you actually become a part of the show.

Worried you don’t have the right moves? Never fear, even for the non-dancers this two and half hour show has plenty to offer.

“You’re going to see things that you’ve never seen before. Death-defying acts, Caribbean flavors, beautiful ladies, costumes from Trinidad and Tobago, we’ve got little dogs,” Zeke said. “You see a 2-year-old up to 102-year-old, there’s something there for everybody.”

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