Eyes on Houston: MATCH brings cool venue to Houston's theatre, arts scene

HOUSTON – Beside the Midtown rail line, just south of downtown, is something new to truly entertain you.

A sleek new structure that's now the venue for everything from musical theatre, dance groups, chamber quartets, and artists. Welcome to MATCH.

“Hopefully it becomes a nexus for the arts and in a very real way that's true,” Executive Director Chuck Still of MATCH.

MATCH stands for Midtown Art Theatre Center Houston — a dream of Houston's small performing and visual arts groups. Twelve years in the making, funded through corporate and philanthropic donations, MATCH opened last year, and its calendar is already full.

[PHOTOS: Inside MATCH in Houston's Midtown]

“I'm turning away people. The demand has been that great,” Still said.

That it shows the thirst of community artists, musicians and performers to find a venue- and an audience. The center includes four matchboxes as they're called — state of the art theaters for small plays to larger productions.

Main Street Theater has found a home here — and is currently performing Shrek the musical as part of its youth program.

“Coming here to the match we've able to open up our doors to far more children than we ever have in the past and our productions values have increased in this beautiful facility,” Youth Director Vivienne St. John of MATCH said.

Diverse works has also found a home here and is showcasing this exhibit through Aug. 6.

Houston has always been an arts city — now it has a new setting to host up and coming artists.

Learn more about MATCH at matchhouston.org.