Make a pink lemonade stand for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

HOUSTON – You've heard the phrase, "when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade." That's exactly what one group is asking you to do this month to help promote awareness of a potentially deadly disease.

St. Luke's Health System is trying to raise awareness about breast cancer through lemonade. 

The program is called, "Make a Stand Texas."

"It's an opportunity for our entire community to get out and raise awareness of breast cancer throughout the month of October," said David King with St Luke's Health System.

The idea is for people to use lemonade stands to inform their community about breast cancer. 

Neighbors, businesses, and even schools can setup stands. St. Agnes Academy was actually the first in our area to setup a stand. 

"What's great about a lemonade stand is that it is easy to setup. If you have a card table, and some lemonade you're ready to go," said King. 

The organization even provides signs and brochures on their website available to print. 

Organizers say the goal is information, not fundraising, so they've asked people who setup stands to donate any money raised to a cause.

Click here for more information about "Make a Stand."