Remembering President George H.W. Bush: KPRC2 viewers share their stories

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HOUSTON – KPRC2 received a deluge of amazing stories from viewers sharing their connections to President George H.W. Bush and the Bush family. 

Here are some of the submissions we received. Feel free to leave yours in the comments.

Damir Catic:

Bill and D are pillars of our community too!! I want to share that #41 was avid movie goer! Each time he walks to the Edwards Marquee, everyone would stand up and applaud !! He was always beyond humble ! Small popcorn and Sprite for him and Barbara were snacks of choice! 

‎Jolie Marie:
KPRC2 / Click2Houston our Papaw, Major General Wesley Peel, who will be 94 in a week and a half, built the Presidential Library with his team. This is just amazing to watch, as they worked well together!! RIP George!! Safe travels!! — with Heather Peel and Cynthia Judice Peel.

Heather Brawdy Ehrlich:
Being from Houston, this man and his wife hold a huge place in my heart no only as my former president, but feeling as if they were my neighbor. My Grandfather met Mr Bush and said he was like he had known him for years when I was growing up. He will be so missed as we cry tears of love for both him and Barbara. Thanks to KPRC for the great coverage since we couldn’t be at tracks today, we got photos off of TV.

Dale Alderson: 

Enjoying your live coverage on KPRC 2 Houston. Watching and seeing all the people showing their respect is amazing. I live in Deer Park and was able to witness 41 and the Bush family fly over going to D.C.and and returning to Houston as they flew over are home.  Such an amazing feeling to see are country and our home state (Texas) show their respect. Witnessing this great family and the love they have for their family and their country make me so proud to live in this great country and the greatest state in the United States (Texas). Filled with so much emotion, this great man will always be in my heart and be the greatest example of love and family. God Bless the Bush family.

Joseph Reznicek:

Was fortunate enough to have George H.W. Bush as my Commander in Chief when I served in the military in the late eighties and early nineties. Currently retired and living in Grimes County from where I graduated in the early eighties, and now George Bush is coming home to College Station. Rest in peace Mr. President. It was a privilege to be in the military during your term in office.

RNR Transportation: 

I remember President Bush when I was a kid he came to Carver Park in Acres Homes and spoke about the DARE program. Truly remarkable person.

Elizabeth Tennant: 

I’m currently watching from my Middle School Classroom in San Antonio. My kids are watching also. Yesterday I shared with them my experiences as a student at A&M and the couple times I was able to be at the Rec Center when he was there also.  He was so awesome! If you made eye contact with him and he was close, he’d come to shake your hand. He also made a joke with me one day when I was on a machine and he walked by on his way out. I also loved watching him let students ride his Segway.

Debbie Bryant Soliz:

My son is a fireman in Magnolia and was so excited and proud to be there today as President Bush 41 cam through Magnolia today. My son is a proud native Texan who voted for President Bush, but never got to meet him. I know how honored he is to have seen him through Magnolia on his way to his final resting place in College Station. Rest in Peace President Bush, you will be missed.

Ross Bertran:

Watching from Portland, Maine.  Have had the privilege of being at a ceremony for Pres. Bush at Walker's Point in Kennebunkport several years ago, honoring him. We were blessed to have him at our president.

Mollie Redden:

My Aunt and Uncle are friends with George W. Bush, and Laura Bush. They live in Midland, Texas with the Bushes. George W. Bush and Laura Bush, even invited my Aunt and Uncle to the White House a few times.

Jim Miles:

I was the HFD captain in change of the rescue crew at IAH the night the names was changed to Georgia Bush Intercontinental Airport. President Bush walked over to our fire truck and shook all of our hands.

Jill Schumacher:

We have  a great story about George and Barbara Bush. My husband was superintendent of schools and is six foot five. We had come to Houston for a meeting and the Bushes were at the reception. My husband said I should take a picture with them as I was teaching seniors high school government. They were very gracious and I had one picture with George Bush and another one of Barbara Bush.
We were so excited and I couldn't wait to get  the pictures. The day finally came and I couldn't wait to show my students. We opened the envelope and yikes because of my husbands height he had cut off Barbara’s head. Only her pearls were to be seen above her neck. We hurried to see George Bush and lo and behold he had no head either.  Over the past 18 years we have told this story over and over.
I think they would have had a great laugh had they heard it.  This week has been so great for all Americans.

Glenn Paschall: 

I was in the Marine Corps from 1984 to 2004 and Am a retired gunnery sergeant. The Honorable George H.W. Bush was my Commander in Chief. I live in Magnolia just walking distance to the railroad tracks. My wife and I walked down and joined all of the local residents to pay tribute a great President of the United States. What a humbling moment!

Autumn DeLeon Marley:

I'm watching your coverage of President Bush's final journey to College Station.  I was not fortunate enough to meet him myself, but my dad, fallen HPD Officer W.E. DeLeon (EOW 1982) was part of a security detail for him when he was Vice President.  My family has a picture of him shaking my dad's hand.

Carla Edwards Busby:
Was honored to meet President Bush at MD Anderson in Houston. He was there to visit someone. When he finished, he came to each patient room and greeted each one and offer to be praying for them. President Bush made a great impression. He was so considerate and kind.

Norman DiSalvo:
There is a story about George Bush at College Station he went through the MSC where students were known to nap before class and would leave notes on their sleeves to please wake up at a certain time so they could go to class.

‎Sharon Ryen‎: 
I met Barbara Bush at her book signing at Brazos Book Store many years ago . When it was time for her to sign my book I told her that if I did not have my parents, I would have wanted President and Mrs Bush(41) to have been my parents. She was so kind and got up and gave me a hug. I am 70 years old now so I was probably in my mid fifties when I saw her. They were salt of the earth people and the world will forever be changed.

Barbara Bamberg:
I’ll never forget the day my husband came home at dinner time with the biggest smile on his face. Barbara Bush had made a trip to the hardware store where he worked (Bering's) and asked him for help as she had a list of things for their new house. He followed her around with a basket and her two Secret Service agents followed. When he helped her to her car, he was surprised to see her sit behind the wheel! He was her personal shopper after that.

‎Peggy Richardson‎
When my daughter was a teen, she worked at Edwards Theater. She and a couple of other employees were cleaning one of the theaters when President and Mrs. G.H.W, Bush came in the theater through the side door to watch a movie. The Secret Service quickly approached the employees to rush them out. President Bush stopped them. "Leave these young people alone. They're just doing their jobs." He then walked up to each of the employees, shook their hands, chatted with each one, and thanked them for doing such a fine job. My daughter is 27 now, and still has a fond memory of that moment that the President took the time to acknowledge her and the others so graciously.

‎Kimmi Logan‎:
Years ago my husband and I attended a fishing tournament at Chica Lodge in Florida that President Bush was hosting. We had several opportunities to chat with him and he was most gracious each time. We have a gourmet meat shop And a couple of weeks after the tournament we sent him a gourmet meet gift not expecting to hear anything back. We got the most gracious and lovely thank you note hand written by President George Bush. We have it framed and on our wall today.

‎Alice Toothman Woodard Gullett:
My granddaughter worked for a catering company while in college. She catered quite a few functions attended by President and Barbara Bush. She thought so very of them that she named her first son after President Bush! Wonderful family!

‎Lindsay Dunagan:
My mom Questa Elizondo who is a flight attendant for what was America West and now is American. Had President Bush on one of her flights and he was traveling to Yuma, Arizona to go skydiving. He gave her his lapel pin, writing pen and several other mementos. She will always have a special place in her heart for the president who made time for everyone no matter what their job was.

‎Laura Robbins‎:
I remember meeting Vice President Bush when I was in elementary school. He came to Holbrook Elementary and we all singing "We Believe the Children are the Future" by Whitney Houston. It was such a great memory I will never forget it. What a wonderful man my prayers and love go towards his family and thank you so much Channel 2 for documenting this I got to watch this with my son that finished his finals and is home from college for the holidays what a memory his final journey to the presidential library!

Jacki Jurach: 
I recall a story my son, Bobby (works for United Airlines) told me about Pres. Bush. While working a flight for Continental that Pres. Bush was on, Bobby boarded the plane and made an announcement. Of course, staff isn’t allowed to state a celebrity is on board. Bobby said, “Thank you for flying Continental out of GEORGE BUSH Intercontinental Airport today!” At that time the Pres. Smiled and gave Bobby a thumbs up! Great service to our country. He’s with Bar now!

Retha Gadus:
I had the opportunity to take care of President George Bush & Mrs Barbara Bush after they left the presidency. I was a gate agent for Delta Air Lines & had the honor of working a flight that President Bush was on. As I took the paperwork to the captain in the cockpit I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around & President Bush was standing there. He shook my hand & thanked me for taking care of the flight. This is a memory I will cherish forever. It was an honor to take care of them both on a few occasions. RIP President George H W Bush. 

Mary Ellen Lewis:
Rest In Peace #41. We love you.


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