College Station prepares for the arrival of late President George H.W. Bush

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – The entire Aggie community was excited and honored that President George H.W. Bush chose Texas A&M University for his final resting place.

The 41st president of the United States will be buried near a pond, behind both the Bush Presidential Library and the Bush School.

The events on campus started Wednesday.

“It was such a surreal experience seeing the plane fly over. Everyone was quiet, everyone was calm. It was such a surreal moment,” said student Kimberly Morrison.

Students stood in awe as Air Force One, or “Special Air Mission 41,” flew over Texas A&M University.

The plane carried the former president and his family to Houston.

“Very incredible experience. that’s not something I’ll get to experience very often. It’s definitely something that I want to tell my kids about,” said student Henry Morgan. 

Just months ago, students witnessed the grand funeral of former first lady Barbara Bush.

As students prepared for Bush’s farewell, they reflected on his impact.

“It’s just good to see how much of an impact he had on people who weren’t even alive when he was president and while he had moved on from this life, that his legacy remains here and means a lot to the students of Texas A&M,” said student Sam Dixon.

The train carrying the president was expected to arrive in College Station for an arrival ceremony.

The procession would then head to the presidential library as thousands of people - and the Corps of Cadets lined the route.

Once at the presidential library, there would be a 21-aircraft Navy flyover missing man maneuver.

The family was set to have a private burial.

Bush will be laid to rest next to his beloved Barbara and their daughter Robin who died from cancer at just 3 years old.