Sylvester Turner: If you can impact the life of one person, that's success

Before he became Mayor of the fourth largest city in the country, Sylvester Turner was already a seasoned politician. But before that, he was also the Acres Homes kid who grew up doing 36 miles to school back and forth. 

" I never really felt poor," Turner tells Khambrel Marshall as he recalls those years. "My mom and dad always seemed... able to find a way." Even when he and his siblings were hungry, Turner remembers laughing, his mom would say: " Go and make a syrup sandwich." The sandwich followed by a glass of water made them feel full for hours. 

In addition to his parents, the mayor had many African-American role models in his neighborhood and at Klein High School, where he was a student, like the teachers who encouraged him to read and to become top of his class by keeping him focused on his grades. These, and others, he will never forget as he has tried to pay it forward: "If I don't do anything else, if you can impact the life of one kid, if you can open their eyes, if you can help them to see themselves in a better position, in a better place, if you can motivate them... it's worthy."

Listen to Mayor Turner talking about his journey all the way from the University of Houston to Harvard University, as well as the people who pushed him to keep going even against all odds.





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