Houston woman trades empty nest for full house; Inside Evelyn Bean's journey to adopting 2 boys

Evelyn Bean with Kingston, 9, and Ronald, 10.
Evelyn Bean with Kingston, 9, and Ronald, 10. (DePelchin Children's Center)

HOUSTON – For many, retirement means a chance for quiet and a focus on one’s self, but for Evelyn Bean, of Houston, it was a lonely time in an empty nest.

Bean decided to become a foster mother, and when she did, found a seemingly endless well of love for kids she brought into her home. She eventually adopted two of her foster children, Ronald, 10, and Kingston, 9. 

For her efforts and enduring selflessness, Brenna Croom, manager of Marketing and Public Relations at DePelchin Children’s Center, nominated Bean for recognition this Black History Month.

Bean, who has a grown daughter, began fostering children in 2012. At one point, Bean fostered five children. Some children left her care, but when Ronald and Kingston’s mother gave up parental rights, Bean decided to adopt them after two years in her care. 

“Once I met them, I just fell in love with them,” she said. “It was a no-brainer. Man, they have been so much joy in my life. They do more for me than I’m doing for them.”

The boys are “real busy,” Bean told KPRC. They’re active in a number of activities, including karate, debate club, chess club and book club.  

The 62-year-old, who still sometimes offers emergency foster care, urges people on the fence about fostering children to open their mind to the possibility.

“Once you meet these kids, they’ve got so much love, they want to be loved,” she said. “Oh man, you’re going to get so much love for those kids. Give it some time. Once you’re there, you’ll see you can do this. There’s so much love that you got that you can share.”

DePelchin Children’s Center notes that foster parents can be single or married, same-sex or traditional, working or retired. 

“Houston and kids in need deserve more people like Evelyn Bean,” Croom said.



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