'Looks like you protecting you': HPD officer honored by KPRC for community outreach work

Sgt. Johnnie McGee
Sgt. Johnnie McGee (HPD)

HOUSTON – When Houston Police community service Sgt. Johnnie McGee discovered he’d been nominated for a Black History Month recognition, he immediately said he’s not the person to honor – it’s his officers working in the community. 

“I’m so appreciative that I have such a good crew,” he said. “It’s an amazing feeling (to be honored), but it’s not me, it’s my officers. I’m the face, but they are out there doing stuff.”

The 11-year veteran of the force has worked as a mounted officer and in the jail. His current role is to oversee community outreach programs, such as Houston Police Explorers and TAPS, in HPD’s South Central Division.

In the nomination note to KPRC, Pamela Campbell wrote, “He always has a sweet smile on his face. He has such a kind nature and always participates with the department parties for families and kids in the neighborhood. Sgt. McGee has a tremendous and compassionate serving heart.”

McGee, a married father of four daughters, grew up in the community he serves and attends many of the community events for back-to-school, Halloween, and Christmas with his family. 

McGee told KPRC he became a police officer because he just wanted to go out and help people in his community. 

“I’m African American officer,” he said. “It’s sometimes a trust value knowing that you have somebody that looks like you protecting you, and I think that’s a major issue, and the reason I decided to do what I wanted to do.”

“I grew up in this community,” he continued. “I know a lot of people in the community. It’s easier for somebody to connect to somebody they know.” 

But McGee added good policing is not about having a particular skin color: “It’s how you connect with people and how you make them feel.”

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