Taniya Wright

Morning anchor who loves animals, traveling & theater.

Taniya Wright
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Get 2 Know Me

  • I love the energy of morning news. You give people the information they need to know to start their day and you get to have fun with them! It’s like a family.
  • Yes, Taniya is my real name (It’s like Shania, with a T).
  • I am a huge theater lover! I listen to musicals when I get ready in the morning. If it’s been on Broadway or the West End recently, I’ve probably seen it.
Opening Double Quotation Mark

Don’t lose the spark that makes you, you.

My mantra.

My Advice for Aspiring Journalists:
Always believe in yourself and don’t forget - it only takes one person to like you and give you a chance.

I come from a Gold Star family. My dad was a Green Beret; he passed away in a training accident when I was 4.

I recieved a scholarship from the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and am proud to support and speak at SOWF events around the country.

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