Ryan Korsgard

Emmy-award winning journalist, Ironman Triathlete, amateur photographer, boater, traveler, and among the youngest Eagle Scouts in the country.

Ryan Korsgard

After watching space shuttle launches, breaking news and political coverage on television, I knew I wanted to become a reporter.

Thanks to a very understanding news director who became my mentor, at age 16 I began spending my weekends hanging out in a television newsroom.

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Get 2 Know Me

  • Houston has been home since April 2003.
  • I attended Oklahoma Baptist University.
  • My news career has included coverage of flying on the first direct commercial flight from Houston to Cuba in 50 years, Space Shuttle launches, flying on the Concorde, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the Oklahoma City Bombing.
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Another day in paradise!

My favorite quote, courtesy Ronald Korsgard.

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