Leigh Frillici

Award-winning reporter, yogi, momma, dancer of all genres (OK, maybe, not all… just don’t ask me to breakdance).

Leigh Frillici
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Get 2 Know Me

  • I’ve lived in Houston for 11 years.
  • Attended the University of Pennsylvania and I loved it. Turns out my daughter’s teacher here in Houston went to Penn too (Go, Quakers!). I think we are both silently rooting for her to go there someday.
  • My amazing mom and dad are in Connecticut. My talented brother is in California with his family.
Opening Double Quotation Mark

If you’re going for it, go!

Something my mom used to say when we crossed a busy street, but it applies to so many other things in life.

I always carried a book bag and a dance bag on my shoulder - I loved news and musical theater. Right out of college, I worked professionally in musical theater and toured through Europe in a Broadway show.

But, when I had the chance to step into a newsroom and saw how we could help people during difficult times (like Harvey) as well as experiencing the adrenaline rush of getting information to people during a breaking news story, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

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