Jacob Rascon

God and family first. Father of four, STORY-TELLER, frequent-flier, amateur photographer, guacamole addict, triathlete. Yo hablo español.

Jacob Rascon
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Get 2 Know Me

  • My family moved to the Houston area when I was 11. I’ve also lived in Abilene, El Paso, San Antonio, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington D.C., Utah, Idaho, Uruguay and Jerusalem.
  • Attended Brigham Young University in Idaho and Provo. BYU also has campuses in Hawaii and Jerusalem. Why didn’t I go there? Good question.
  • Married to my favorite person, with four children: Olivia, Malachi, Elijah and Elena; plus a Doberman mix, Rooster.

I traveled to Cairo from Jerusalem to cover the Arab Spring. In small towns along the way, nobody knew about the protests, and news channels didn’t show them. Without access to internet or phone, I wondered if I’d missed the story.

Then I arrived at Tahrir Square, where one million protesters forced their president to resign. Turns out, the government ran the news channels and initially ignored the protests.

It was a profound lesson on the value of a free press.

Opening Double Quotation Mark

Forget yourself and go to work.

A favorite quote, from Bryant Hinckley.

I moved to Uruguay after high school for two years. On my way to the airport to fly home, I asked the taxi driver what he’d do if he could move to the states and start over.

The quiet, older man yelled “SERIA UNA PERIODISTA!” I’D BE A JOURNALIST!

His passion inspired me, and later experiences confirmed journalism was the right fit.

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