Frank Billingsley

KPRC Chief Meteorologist. Three decades of forecasting Houston weather!

Frank Billingsley
Pictures from the life and work of Frank Billingsley

Get 2 Know Me

  • Houston has been home since April 22, 1989. People say they’ve watched me their whole life, and if they’re under 30, that’s actually true!
  • I’ve been with Kevin Gilliard since 1995 and married since 12/12/12 (we picked that date so I could remember it). We have a son, Morgan. We’re down to one pup now, Ocean, a white schnauzer.
  • I wrote a book, Swabbed & Found, about my DNA journey to find my biological family. Meeting them was unforgettable. If you want more, read my book!
Opening Double Quotation Mark

Attitude is everything.

A favorite quote from my mom, Pat Billingsley

Advice for aspiring journalists:
Don’t overthink your future because none of us knows how long it will last or where it will take us.

Simply follow your passion and be a person others can count on.

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