Dominique Sachse

Thrive in detail and structure at both work and home, adore my family so much it hurts, love pursuing passions and forging connections, enjoy a skinny margarita or two and the occasional twirl on the dancefloor.

Dominique Sachse
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Get 2 Know Me

  • I’ve lived in Houston since 1974. Born in Miami, but as they say, I got here as soon as I could.
  • I attended Richmond College, outside of London, and the University of Houston.
  • I’m the mother of one, bonus mom to five and a loving wife (he says). We both have our moms here and Oscar, my Wheaten Terrier, who I call my “Sweeten”.
  • My son thinks I’m cool “sometimes”. All his friends follow me on social media 😁.
Opening Double Quotation Mark

Be bold and be blessed.

Words to live by.

Advice for aspiring journalists:
Park your ego at the front door. Work hard, strive harder.

Ask, “What more can I do, and how can I improve?” Make the story relatable to the viewer and convey it with knowledge, understanding and empathy. In short, be real.

Getting into news was a fluke - I started at Ch. 2 as a traffic reporter in 1993 and was given a shot on the anchor desk one year later.

That week, the San Jacinto river fire erupted, and I was in the hot seat covering breaking news. The bug bit, and I’ve been there ever since.

It’s a joy and honor to be a broadcast journalist in a community in which I was raised.

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