Cathy Hernandez

Reporter, family-oriented, sports fanatic, proud Houstonian.

Cathy Hernandez
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Get 2 Know Me

  • Born and raised in Houston. It’s the greatest city in the WORLD! I love the resilience, the pride, the people, the diversity, the food, the sports, the art and the entertainment! I LOVE IT ALL!
  • Attended Galena Park High School and received my bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Houston. Go Coogs!
  • I love spending time with family, doing outdoor activities, meeting new people, trying new foods and cheering on all the Houston sports teams.
Opening Double Quotation Mark

Work hard. Dream big.

My mantra.

I wanted to be a reporter to make a difference in the community, to help those in need, and to show the good in humanity.

I saw first-hand the heartbreak and devastation of Hurricane Harvey. I will never forget how people came together to survive and to rebuild stronger than ever.

We all showed the true meaning of giving and being Houston Strong!

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