Retrace steps of Texas serial killer during creepy tour

Discover one of America's first serial killers at Murder Walk Austin

Murder Walk Austin
Murder Walk Austin

AUSTIN, Texas – You can retrace the steps of America's first serial killer as part of Murder Walk Austin, a tour that takes you back to 1885.

The tour follows the story of the midnight assassin, sometimes called the servant girl annihilator, a serial killer who "brutally and systematically hacked eight women to death using an axe," according to the Murder Walk Austin website.

The unsolved slayings are sometimes referred to as the servant girl murders.

PBS covered the story and even interviewed some of the descendants of the murder victims.

The tour takes about two hours from start to finish and covers 2 miles of historic Austin.

Tickets for the killer tour are $40 per person and can be purchased here.

For more, go to KSAT.com.

The innocent women who parished in Austin in 1884-85 will never be forgotten. Who was the "Midnight Assassin" and how...

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