HILARIOUS: Car prowler's shocked face captured on dash camera

BEAVERTON, Ore. – A car prowler was shocked as he realized he was being recorded on dash cam video.

The moment made for an interesting photo-op -- a picture the suspect never expected.

"I am totally happy I bought that camera," the car owner told KOIN. "It's worth every penny" 

The woman whose dash cam recorded it all lives at the Sorrento Bluff Apartments in Beaverton, Oregon. 

She didn't want to go on camera because this guy is still out there, but says a neighbor discovered her car's door wide open Friday morning. 

Prowlers had been picking through the parking lot, checking for unlocked doors. 

"Nothing was missing but you could see someone had gone through my car," the woman told KOIN.

"First thing I did was look at my notifications. I went -- I got a picture of the guy that broke into my car."

Police are investigating and trying to track down the man. Officers are using the incident as an important reminder to always lock your car doors.

For the full report, watch the video in the player above.