'All I know is I lost my hero': Father of Deputy Dhaliwal reflects on son's life

HOUSTON – The family of slain Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal visited the site of his makeshift memorial Monday to pray.

Traffic was shut down Monday afternoon for a half-hour on West Road near Willancy Lane, the area the 41-year-old deputy was fatally shot Friday. Sirens were blaring as several Harris County deputies escorted Dhaliwal’s family and friends to the site of his makeshift memorial. Among the large group gathered there to pray was Pyara Dhaliwal, Sandeep’s father.

“All I know is I lost my hero,” Pyara Dhaliwal said. “He take (sic) care of me after his mother passed away last year. After that, he take care of me like he’s my dad.”

Pyara said his son would take care of his clothes and turban. 

“I miss him,” he said. “I will never get him back. But he is here with me all the time. He’s here.”

The elder Dhaliwal said the outpouring of love and support from the community has given him strength during his time of grief.

“That part is priceless,” Pyara Dhaliwal said. The proud (sic), the honor I get from the world. The American community, from this community, but the other part -- I am missing him.”

Pyara Dhaliwal said he’s carrying his son in his heart and can now go on with his life knowing Sandeep left behind a wonderful legacy.