Your heart may grow 3 sizes with this Nestlé Toll House Grinch-inspired cookie dough

Nestlé Toll House
Nestlé Toll House

We are sure your heart will grow at least three sizes when we tell you that Nestlé Toll House unveiled a Grinch inspired cookie dough months ahead of Christmas.

According to POPSUGAR, the seasonal cookie dough will be available from the beginning of October through the end of the year.

The cookies are priced at $3 a pack and sold at stores like Target, Kroger, and other retailers.

The Pinch of Grinch package contains green sugar cookie dough, which resembles the Grinch's fur, and a small red heart, like the one he had until Cindy Lou Who and the rest of the Whos that showed him the real meaning of Christmas.

The packaging says you can bake up to 20 cookies, so don't be a mean one and be sure to share.

Grinch cookies have been around a while on Instagram, but the ready-made cookie dough version is sure to be a hit with busy moms and dads looking for a shortcut to this sugary genius. 

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