Protesters demand release of Donald Neely's arrest video in Galveston


GALVESTON, Texas – Several roads in downtown Galveston were closed Sunday afternoon during a planned march.

Hundreds of protesters and activists took to the streets in Galveston and demanded the Police Department to release the controversial arrest video of Donald Neely and be transparent about the incident.

In August, two Galveston police officers on horseback arrested Neely and escorted him using a rope clipped to his handcuffs. After viral photos and videos of the incident sparked outrage across the country, the department apologized for "the negative perception of this action" and said it will stop using the transportation technique.

On Sunday, protesters marched along the same route Neely walked during his arrest. The march began at 4 p.m. at the Eugenia and George Sealy Pavilion. 

The Texas Rangers investigated the arrest but said no criminal investigation was needed.

A handful of streets in Galveston were closed from noon to 8 p.m. During the event, 23rd Street and 24th Street were closed from Broadway Avenue to Church Street. Church Street was also closed between 23rd and 24th streets, according to city officials.

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