10 secrets from Texans fans on what makes a great tailgating experience

Texans fans have their tailgating gear on display on Sept. 15, 2019.
Texans fans have their tailgating gear on display on Sept. 15, 2019.

HOUSTON – Texans tailgates are known to be a good time, but according to Glen Sweet Miller, they’re also unique.

“There’s an emphasis on family and friends,” said Miller. 

Today was my first Texans tailgate! The aroma of barbecue filled the morning air, and a Motley Crue song was playing as guys set up cornhole and the bar. Seeing vodka this early in the morning took me back to college! 

I talked to Texans tailgaters about the essentials for a great tailgate, at home and on the road! 

1. Good music

“It’s hard to pick one genre, because so many age groups come through,” said Tony, Raging Bulls Tailgate DJ. “But you can’t go wrong with classic rock.” 

2. A tent... 

This one may seem obvious, but the right sized tent is important in brutal
Temperatures. I saw a group slant their against the sun for shade! 

3. Texas-sized drinks 

Not just regular drinks... Texas-sized. I saw a lot of vodka with sweet tea! And of course, the drink of the summer...White Claws! 

4. Sunglasses and sunscreen

“Your mom will be disappointed if you don’t remember the basics,” said a group of tailgaters.

5. Good food... with an emphasis on protein

“If it’s lived and died, we’ll eat it,” said Miller. 

6. Games

Cards, cornhole... you name it. “Games make a difference especially if you have kids at the tailgate, and you don’t just want them on their tablets,” said a tailgating mom. 

7. Flags and banners

All tailgaters have flags, but especially those with corporate sponsors. 

8. Water

Yeah, this one sounds boring. But hydrating is essential. After all... you want to actually make it INTO the game! 

9. A plan 

Who’s bringing what? Drinks, utensils, ice etc. What time is the tailgate shutting down? Folks I talked to emphasized that knowing this in advance helps avoid forgetting something.’

10. Good people

Awww. But I’m serious about this one. The Texans tailgate proved to be the most family-friendly one I’ve ever been to. There seemed to be something for everybody, even those who didn’t want to drink. 

What are your favorite tailgate traditions? Share yours in the comments below.