Bill Read Blog: “July stand by”

“July stand by” is the second line of an old mariner’s poem which probably was meant to give folks a heads up that the peak of hurricane season was just around the corner.  July is still part of the so-called “quiet” time in the Atlantic with essentially the same amount of activity as we see in…

Bill Read Blog: Tropical Storm Bill moving inland

At 2 p.m., the center of Tropical Storm Bill was located just inland between Seadrift and Rockport.  Bill was moving toward the west at 9 mph.

Disturbance moving into Gulf of Mexico, heading for Texas

The disturbance formed Saturday near the Yucatan peninsula and made its way to the Gulf of Mexico Sunday afternoon. Be prepared as bands of rain hit the Texas coast causing potential flooding.

BLOG: Ana heading toward Carolina coast

While not moving much now, Ana is forecast to move slowly north-northwest Friday and Saturday, and is expected to make landfall Sunday morning along the South Carolina or southern North Carolina coast.

BLOG: Disturbance forming off South Florida coast

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring an area of thunderstorms off Florida in the northwest Bahamas for possible development.

KPRC 2 hurricane expert Bill Read receives award at National Hurricane Conference

An annual conference on preparing for hurricanes is underway in Austin and along with discussing strategy for the storms, the conference also presented a special award to KPRC 2’s hurricane expert Bill Read.

BLOG: What's this about a low in the Gulf next week?

During October, we look to the Bay of Campeche for tropical development in the Gulf. Some of our computer models have been indicating an area of low pressure developing there by Tuesday next week.

Bill Read: Christopher Columbus gave first documented hurricane warning

During Christopher Columbus’ fourth voyage to the new world, the explorer added another first to his amazing life story during the summer of 1502– he gave the first documented hurricane warning.

Rumors of hurricane season being over? Don't believe it

There has been much talk recently about the hurricane season being over. Some state the Houston area rarely if ever has hurricanes after the third week of September.

Bill Read's Blog: Hurricane Odile a major flooding threat

Tropical Storm Odile or its remnants are poised to bring major flood producing rainfall across northwest Mexico and portions of Arizona and New Mexico through Friday.

Bill Read Blog: Baja California in path of Category 4 Hurricane Odile

Major Hurricane Odile is fixing to make life miserable on the Baja peninsula starting Sunday.

Bill Read's Blog: The 6-year mark of Hurricane Ike

Today would be a good day to reflect on Hurricane Ike and what you have or have not done to prepare for the next big hurricane strike on the upper Texas coast.

Sept. 8, 1900: When a hurricane changed history

On Sept. 8 -- 114 years ago Monday -- Galveston’s path through history was radically changed. What is known as the 1900 Storm made landfall on the island as a category 4 hurricane.

What’s next in the Tropical Atlantic?

The weather pattern that led to Dolly and the weather disturbance that bought our rainy weather the end of last week is forecast to remain intact at least through mid-September.

Tropical wave in the Bay of Campeche

Early Monday morning the tropical low we followed as it crossed the Caribbean last week has moved into the Bay of Campeche.

Bill Read's Blog: Revisiting Hurricane Alicia

On this date 31 years ago, Hurricane Alicia made landfall on the west end of Galveston.

Bill Read's Blog: Going to Hawaii this week?

So are Iselle and Julio. Iselle was a major hurricane this morning moving westward across the eastern Pacific, a little more than halfway between Mexico and Hawaii.

Bill Read's Blog: Ramp up time in the tropical Atlantic

Old time hurricane watchers like to say on Aug. 1 that the real hurricane season is underway.

Arthur ushering in a new era in storm surge forecasting

On Wednesday morning Tropical Storm Arthur was still gaining strength off the east coast of Florida. It is forecast to gain hurricane strength by midday Thursday while moving to the north over the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.

Could the low off Florida coast become Arthur?

Over the weekend a cluster of thunderstorms moved into the Atlantic Ocean off the South Carolina coast and settled over the warm water of the Gulf Stream. Although the low is poorly organized and there is not much thunderstorm activity associated with it, conditions appear favorable for a tropical…

Cristina undergoes rapid intenstification in Pacific Ocean

This is the earliest point in the eastern Pacific season to have recorded a second hurricane with greater than 110 mph winds.

BLOG: Stuck in the Bay of Campeche

On Thursday morning the National Hurricane Center has raised the odds of the disturbance in the Bay of Campeche developing into a Tropical Storm during the next several days to 30%. Another way of putting it is there is a 70% chance it won't develop.

Surge, wind and rain

On Wednesday, Britta Merwin covered a meeting in La Porte about providing coastal protection form surge.  This is a welcome and important effort to come to grips with the challenge of surge flooding we have built ourselves into around the Galveston Bay area.

Bill Read's Blog: Dispelling a hurricane season myth

Advice for hurricane season which starts Sunday.

Tropical trouble forming in the Eastern Pacific?

The large area of showers and thunderstorms in the eastern Pacific south of Mexico is showing signs of becoming organized this morning.

Friendswood hurricane expert honored

Lew Fincher, Founder of Hurricane Consulting, Inc. in Friendswood, Texas, was honored by the National Hurricane Conference last week in Orlando, Florida.

BLOG: Talking hurricanes at 2014 National Hurricane Conference

The 2014 National Hurricane Conference provides training opportunities for emergency managers and first responders on all aspects of dealing with a land falling hurricane or tropical storm.

Hurricane season only 2 months away

On Monday morning Tropical Cyclone Hellen made landfall on the northwest coast of Madagascar in the southwest Indian Ocean. The cyclone is a reminder that our hurricane season is just two months away.

Weather blog: What’s this brewing near the Azores?

While we are bracing for a week or more of colder than normal weather in our area, a low pressure system in the eastern Atlantic south of the Azores is showing some potential to become a tropical or subtropical cyclone.

Blog: 8 years since Hurricane Wilma

Today marks another milestone as it has been eight years since Category 3 Hurricane Wilma made landfall on the southwest coast of Florida.

TS Karen heading towards a weekend landfall

Tropical Storm Karen was struggling with wind shear and dry air Friday morning resulting in the surface center being exposed to the west of the thunderstorms.

TS Karen forms in the Gulf

Tropical Storm Karen is moving north-northwest at about 12 mph and is forecast to continue this motion Thursday and Friday.

Caribbean Tropical Disturbance heading for the Gulf

Our latest tropical disturbance – designated 97L - by the National Hurricane Center was in the northwest Caribbean

Tropical disturbance in the Caribbean

Over the weekend, a tropical disturbance developed in the central Caribbean. The Hurricane Center has designated it as 97L.

Dangerous downpours possible

Sept. 20, 2013: Meteorologist Khambrel Marshall is tracking the rain that's moving into the Houston area.

Disturbance 95L heading for northeast Mexico

The tropical disturbance, designated 95L by the National Hurricane Center, was moving steadily northwest just to the east of the Mexican coast near Tampico Friday morning.

Disturbance over the Yucatan likely to become TS in the southern Gulf

A tropical disturbance over the Yucatan peninsula Wednesday morning will move west into the Gulf of Mexico later in the day.

Another Tropical Disturbance heading for the Gulf of Mexico

Another tropical disturbance is taking shape in the northwest Caribbean just east of Belize and the Yucatan of Mexico.

Two tropical storms impacting Mexico

Saturday morning Mexico was dealing with two tropical storms; Ingrid in the Bay of Campeche and Manuel in the Pacific south of Manzanillo.

Tropical Storm Ingrid likely to bring flooding to Mexico

Hurricane hunters confirmed Friday morning that winds had increased to tropical storm strength and we now have Ingrid in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tropical disturbance continues in Bay of Campeche

Satellite pictures Thursday morning show that our tropical disturbance is now over the Bay of Campeche.

Tropical Disturbance heading for Bay of Campeche

Satellite pictures Wednesday morning show more organized thunderstorms with a tropical disturbance centered over Belize and the Yucatan peninsula.

Caribbean Disturbance a little more organized

A tropical wave that moved into the eastern Caribbean over the Labor Day weekend has become a little more organized since Tuesday.

Hurricane blog: A Cape Verde storm?

It just so happens that a strong tropical wave is moving off the African coast near Cape Verde on Friday.

Tropical Wave heading our way

An area of showers and thunderstorms east and southeast of New Orleans Friday morning is associated with a weak trough of low pressure, mostly noticeable in the mid levels of the atmosphere.

Tropical Wave comes ashore in Texas

Remember the tropical wave called 92L from last week? While it never developed into a storm, it maintained its identity and has come ashore this morning along the Texas coast.

Tropical disturbance in the southern Gulf of Mexico

Friday morning we are watching the tropical system that was over the Yucatan the day before as it emerges into the Bay of Campeche and southern Gulf of Mexico.

Caribbean disturbance now over the Yucatan, TS Erin forms in Atlantic

The tropical disturbance we have been following this week has moved over the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico and Belize without developing any further.

Caribbean disturbance better organized now

The tropical wave has reached the warm waters of the northwest Caribbean Sea and has entered a more favorable environment for developing into a depression or tropical storm.

Watching activity in the Caribbean

Hurricane expert Bill Read is following a rather disorganized area of showers and thunderstorms over the eastern and central Caribbean Sea that could develop into a bigger storm later this week.

BLOG: Above normal hurricane season, so far

NOAA issued an update Thursday for their seasonal forecast, showing a small reduction in the high end of their forecast.

BLOG: Future of Tropical Depression #2 uncertain

Tropical Depression 2 formed Monday just off the coast of Belize then moved inland overnight.

Are recent early-season storms like Tropical Storm Andrea normal, or a disturbing trend?

Tropical storm Andrea formed early in the 2013 hurricane season.  In recent years, tropical development in May and June has been frequent.  Is this trend climatologically typical or something we should be concerned about?

App can help you prepare for severe weather

Weather experts and federal and state officials are working to be sure everyone is ready for hurricane season. There's an app that will help you stay safe and prepare for adverse weather.

Bill Read's blog: Lessons from Isaac, Sandy

Every hurricane, no matter where it hits, teaches us lessons. Hurricanes Issac and Sandy will help federal and state officials, along with weather experts, be more prepared for the upcoming hurricane season.

Bill Read's blog: Importance of studying hurricane history

Several workshops during day one of the National Hurricane Conference illustrated the importance of knowing the historical impacts of hurricanes in your area. 

Hurricane conference teaches lessons from last season

State and local officials and weather experts are getting together to talk about the lessons learned from hurricanes Isaac and Sandy

Bill Read's Blog: Sandy, the day after

What was Sandy is now a sizeable winter storm centered over Pennsylvania.

Bill Read's Blog: Sandy moving into the Mid-Atlantic states

The center of Hurricane Sandy is beginning its anticipated turn to the northwest towards New Jersey.

Bill Read's Blog: Unprecedented Sandy poised to strike East Coast

Hurricane Sandy is headed toward the United States' east coast, and the millions of people in her path could be without power for days after she strikes.

Bill Read's Blog: Sandy heads toward NE

Hurricane Sandy will leave the Bahamas today and will begin a northeast track parallel to the southeast U.S. coast through Sunday.

Bill Read's Blog: Bahamas to feel Sandy's brunt

Hurricane Sandy crossed eastern Cuba overnight and emerged intact into the warm waters of the southern Bahamas.

Bill Read's Blog: Sandy becomes hurricane

Hurricane Sandy nears the coast of Jamaica packing 80 mph winds.

Bill Read's Blog: Sandy to bring life-threatening flooding, mudslides

Tropical Storm Sandy is slowly becoming better organized while starting to move slowly toward the north in the central Caribbean Sea.

Bill Read's Blog: T.D. 18 forecast to become Tropical Storm Sandy

The disturbance in the central Caribbean Sea continues to become better organized and the National Hurricane Center has upgraded it to Tropical Depression 18.

Bill Read's Blog: Rare Tropical Cyclone in Indian Ocean

Tropical Cyclone Anais is estimated to have a maximum wind of 115 mph as of early this morning.

October hurricanes are historically deadly

We are entering the end of the active period of the Atlantic Hurricane season. 

Bill Read's Blog: Tropical weather this weekend?

Frank and Anthony have been keeping you posted this past week on the upcoming rain for this weekend. While the storm system that is bringing us this washout is not a tropical storm, the rain we get will seem like one.

Bill Read's Blog: Super Typhoon Sanba

Super Typhoon Sanba was estimated to have maximum winds of 170 mph and is generating wave heights of up to 60 feet!

Hurricane Ike and the 1900 storm

Hurricane Ike came ashore four years ago. Another powerful storm hit Galveston 112 years ago, and it had a lot in common with Hurricane Ike.

Bill Read's Blog: Hurricanes and Canada

Tropical Storm Leslie made landfall today over Newfoundland, Canada. 

Sept. 10: Average peak of hurricane season

September 10th is the statistical peak day for hurricane activity in the Atlantic basin. We have already had 13 named storms this season.

Bill Read's Blog: Area of low pressure in the Gulf

The area of low pressure in the Gulf of Mexico south of New Orleans normally would be cause of concern for those of us on the upper Texas coast.

Bill Read's Blog: What if Hurricane Michael were in Gulf?

Michael increases 65 mph in the Atlantic. What if it were a storm in the Gulf?

Bill Read's Blog: Tropics are busy today

A small low-pressure system in the Gulf could become tropical depression soon.

Bill Read's Blog: What do T.S. Leslie, 'The Tempest' have in common?

As of this morning, Tropical Storm Leslie is forecast to move very slowly towards Bermuda while intensifying to a hurricane. While Bermuda is no stranger to hurricanes, one moving this slowly into the mid latitudes is rather rare.

Bill Read's Blog: Devastating "I" storms

Have you noticed over the past decade how many of the “I” named storms have been headline producers?  Well, you are right, they have.  

Bill Read's Blog: What if Isaac hit Houston?

After looking at the dramatic flooding occurring with Isaac, how would the Houston-area fare with an Isaac-like storm?

Bill Read's Blog: Isaac's inland... now what?

The center of Hurricane Isaac has made a slow landfall over extreme southeast Louisiana, near Port Fourchon.

Bill Read's Blog: How long will Isaac last

Today is the beginning of the end game for Isaac. The effects of Isaac are already being felt this morning from as this large storm progresses steadily onshore on the northern Gulf coast. 

Bill Read's Blog: Isaac's end game

Tuesday is the beginning of the end game for Isaac.

Bill Read's Blog: Isaac's Strength

Today will be a very busy day along the Gulf Coast as communities prepare for the eventual landfall of Isaac. The center of Isaac is expected to make landfall late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Bill's Blog: Isaac's Path

Tropical Storm Isaac will be impacting Haiti and the Dominican Republic today, then eastern Cuba and Jamaica on Saturday as it moves steadily towards the northwest.

Bill's Blog: Isaac In-Depth

Tropical Storm Isaac is getting a lot more attention now that it is in the Caribbean and forecast to be a threat to Florida.

Storm Stats

  • Name:Joaquin
  • Lat/Long:39.0N, 56.9W
  • Max Winds:69KT
  • Speed:20KT
  • Pressure:974MB

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