Nothing says "beautiful, warm, weather" better than a hard fought tennis match outdoors on a picture perfect Houston night.

John Hickey, a tennis player at the Westside Tennis Club, described the weather conditions Sunday night.

"Ah, it's perfect, I mean, nice and warm and just a little windy, but not bad," said Hickey.

Across the net from Hickey, Jennifer Schaps called the evening, "balmy, with a perfect light breeze, just like Hawaii."

Yes, Sunday night was perfect, made even more perfect when you compare it to what Houstonians endured on Friday.

Friday's frigid freeze-down turned bridges and ramps into skating rinks, sent cars swerving and sliding everywhere and had traffic on many roads just crawling along for hours.

The Houston area now needs to prepare for round two.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm watch starting Monday night and will continue until Tuesday night for a total of 23 counties.

The tennis players at the Westside Tennis Club sat back after their matches, glad they were able to get some good hitting in on Sunday, but very leery about what's coming next.

"I hear it's going to be terrible, with cold and wet and icy and freezing conditions," said Jenna Alcott.