The KPRC2 StormPins app is here!

KPRC2 StormPins is a crowd-sourced social weather app that turns you in to a citizen reporter. You can report real-time information by dropping a pin and attach 10 seconds of video, a photo and interact with others in your community.

So how does it work? Users drop pins with a photo, video (10 secs) or text and the pin is interactive,  meaning users can like/share/comment on it. You can view the pins/photos on a map or through a photo gallery in the app.

KPRC2 StormPins can display your reports instantly on-air providing a valuable service to the community.

KPRC2 StormPins also works with PinResponder that allows KPRC2 and city officials like Police, Fire or Emergency Managers to add traffic, crime or breaking news pins all within one app.

Users can enjoy:

  • Crowd-sourced weather reporting
  • Photo Galleries
  • Interact with other StormPinners in your area
  • Geo-location of storm damage and traffic reports

The FREE KPRC2 StormPins App

If you don't have our app, just click on the links above to Install FREE. Or you can search 'KPRC' in the App Store or Google Play Store.