With the Texans' season a lost cause weeks ago, the team's consolation prize will be either the first or second overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

The Texans and Washington Redskins are the two teams left in the running for the top pick. The tiebreaker is strength of schedule and with both teams playing 6-9 teams (Texans vs. Titans, Redskins vs. Giants), the current strength of schedule difference would not change.

Here's a look at the scenarios for this Sunday's games and where the Texans would draft:

  • Texans lose, Washington wins or loses. With a loss, the Texans would finish 2-14, tied for the worst record in franchise history. The Texans would lock up the number one pick.
  • Texans win, Washington wins. The Texans would finish 3-13 and the Redskins 4-12, so the Texans would draft first.
  • Texans win, Washington loses. Both teams would finish 3-13, but the Redskins hold the strength of schedule tiebreaker, .520 to .567, and would draft first. The Texans would pick second overall.

So there you have it. Are you rooting for the team to finish with a win Sunday at Tennessee or a loss to lock up the top pick? Go to our KPRC Local 2 Facebook page to discuss.