While no one was happy to hear about Wade Phillips' departure from the Houston Texans, none were particularly surprised by the news.

"I'm sorry for Wade, I think he really did a lot for that defense," said Kevin Watkins. "This year something was wrong and they had to clean house and maybe some change is better than no change."

While Saturday was rife with playoff games, most Texans' fans were already looking forward to next season.

"I think there's so much talent there, we've got, still have a Super Bowl contending, talented team," said Jim Amyx.

"Hopefully next year we can turn it around and get to the playoffs," said Wayland Terrell.

Most fans also agreed the shake up at Reliant was inevitable after such a disastrous season.

"Well, it was due," said Watkins.

While all said the firings were not unexpected, fans still expressed nothing but respect for Phillips, son of the late Bum Phillips.

"New coach, you know, he's going to bring in his own people, people he's comfortable with," said Terrell.

"We heard the other day that Bill O'Brien's reputation was that he's a very decisive person and I kind of thought then that he would probably clean house," said Jana Amyx. "I think whatever will help the Texans, then I'm for that."