Forty-nine days away from their season opener in San Diego, ticket brokers are already bracing for Texans tickets to hit the resale market.

"They're one of the more popular teams now," said Kent Maree, president of

Pegged as a playoff contender, Maree claims a Texans ticket could command top dollar on the market.

According to, resale prices for various games are projected to range from $200-350.

"In the short period that they've been around, they've made leaps and bounds in comparison to any other team in the lead," said Maree.

But next to other NFL matchups, suggests that not even Houston's "Homecoming" versus the Patriots will have the same "street value" as other marquee matchups like Denver vs. New England or Pittsburgh vs. New England.

According to the site, tickets to either of those games are projected to resell at more $500 on average.