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Houston Newsmakers

Houston Newsmakers

Apr. 13 Newsmakers: CPS, Crime Stoppers going after child sbusers

Both organizations are passionate in their appeal to viewers to say something if they see something during the month of April, which is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Child abuse prevention takes center stage; Mattress Mac a father at 60

Mattress Mac joins Khambrel Marshall to talk about adopting his daughter. Child Abuse Prevention month is also discussed.

Houston Newsmakers

Mar. 30 Newsmakers: Astros plan to erase worst record ever

This week on 'Houston Newsmakers:' Houston Astros President Reid Ryan says this year will be better. Ryan, in his first full season as president of the Astros, says everything about the team is…

Mar. 23 Newsmakers: Decades-long battle leads to MLK monument unveiling

Thirty years ago, the City of Houston approved a monument to Martin Luther King Jr. That monument will finally be unveiled April 4-6 in MacGregor Park. Ovide Duncantell was a driving force to help…

Mar. 9 Newsmakers: Primaries set stage for political showdowns

Mark Jones, Ph.D. Chair of the Political Science Department at Rice University is a guest on this week's 'Houston Newsmakers' with Khambrel Marshall and says it will be tough for incumbent Lt. Gov.…

Mar. 2 Newsmakers: Mayor Parker on HFD issues, same-sex marriage law

Mayor Annise Parker has sued the Houston Firefighter Department Pension board. On this week's 'Houston Newsmakers' with Khambrel Marshall, she says there are no regrets and that she needed to take…

Houston Newsmakers

Feb. 23: Houston tension over HFD pension and overtime

The city of Houston is underfunded by two and a half billion dollars in its pension obligations. Mayor Parker has sued the Houston Fire Department Pension Board 'to get them to the negotiating table…

Feb. 16: Gearing up for early voting for March primaries

This week, preparing for early voting for the March primaries with both sides of the political divide.

Houston Newsmakers

Feb. 9: The artistic expressions of people with disabilities

You will never look at a person with disabilities the same way ever again.

Dr. David Buck, Dr. Vivian Ho and Khambrel Marshall

Feb. 2: The truth about the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act, healthcare for Houston's homeless and Southeast Texas' winter weather are discussed on this week's Houston Newsmakers.

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