As early as November 2, the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation could start selling seats, turf and equipment from inside the dome.

The group has confirmed it was making plans to sell parts that will be removed from inside the dome.  Local 2 has learned that could include anything from concession equipment to the seats themselves. 

"There are a lot of Astrodome fans. The 'Luv Ya Blu’ days and Bum Phillips just passing away.  I think it would be a great opportunity to own a piece of the Astrodome," said Tom Cotton, of Clear Lake. 

Cotton has collected stuff from baseball stadiums for about 40 years. He has seats from 15 stadiums. He estimates that a seat from the Astrodome could cost about $250 to $300. 

A spokesperson says the corporation is deciding if the parts will be sold for a set price or in an auction. 

“It's a huge opportunity to own a part of Houston actually," Cotton told Local 2. "It's very historic for collectors to own something like that.”

KPRC will let you know more about the sale of parts of the dome as soon as details are released.