It may not feel like it judging by this weekend's weather, but summer is just around the corner and teens across Houston are looking for ways to make some extra cash.


Saturday morning dozens showed up to the Weekley YMCA for its annual summer job fair. There are more than 1,100 positions available at YMCA facilities across Houston, from lifeguards to day camp counselors.


Eighteen-year-old Thomas Wilson hopes to work as a lifeguard. 

"I just always try to approach things with a good attitude," Wilson said during his interview. 


Like many of the applicants, this was Wilson's first official job interview and he's well aware of the "no no's." 

"I guess rambling and not having a clear idea of what you want to talk about," Wilson said.

"Probably not knowing the position you're applying for," Danielle Resh said.


They are good tips to keep in mind, especially since less than half of the applicants will actually get one of the jobs. 

"We usually get about 150 applications at this facility and we usually hire about 60 staff members for the summertime," said Kendra Carroll of the Weekley YMCA.


Wilson said he hopes he is one of those 60, especially since he's heading off to college in the fall. 

"It's definitely important, with student loans and all sorts of other expenses that are going to come my way in the next few months," Wilson said.


Similar job fairs were held at YMCA facilities across Houston Saturday. Teens who didn't get a chance to attend can apply for YMCA jobs at www.ymcahouston.org.