A Houston Independent School District principal resigned as cheating allegations from a past job surfaced.

HISD officials said Gregory Tod Nix became principal at Worthing High School in 2011.

Nix's attorney Karl Tiger Hanner said that Nix voluntary resigned from Worthing after an investigative report was completed by the Texas Education Agency.

The TEA claims that when Nix was a principal at a high school in the Uvalde School District outside San Antonio, he was part of a team that improperly manipulated test scores.

“He adamantly denies he cheated on anything or falsified any records,” said Hanner. “He just felt like it was unfair to HISD and students at Worthing High School and the superintendent, Dr. Grier, to drag them into that when it has nothing to do with them. It involves Uvalde where he has been gone for a number of years.”

Hanner said Nix also resigned from Worthing to focus on defending himself against the cheating allegations.

Verna Moore's grandson will attend Worthing High School. Moore was surprised to hear Worthing was without a permanent principal with little more than a week before classes begin.

“This is [my grandson's] first year there,” said Moore. “I didn't know they didn't have a principal there.”

HISD officials said they are now searching for a new principal for Worthing.