Women across the country and here in the Houston area are selling their positive pregnancy test results.

Some ads, from around the country suggest using the tests to finally get a longtime boyfriend to propose, or even extort money for a fake abortion.

Local 2 found ads from Pearland and Pasadena offering positive pregnancy tests for $20 to $25.

As of Tuesday evening there were six ads posted on Craigslist from the Houston area.

A seller in Pasadena wrote, "Pregnant, willing to help give positive results."  Another in Pearland asked, "Do you need a positive pregnancy test?  Let me help you."

Local 2 spoke to one of the women who was selling the tests online, she wanted to remain anonymous, but said, "I was just a bored and curious pregnant woman looking to make some extra cash." 

She said she is now having second thoughts and her family is upset by the idea. Three people have responded to her ad so far.

Pregnant women we spoke to said they weren't willing to do something like that.

"No, no I wouldn't.  That's just a little weird," said Karen Carrasco who is seven months pregnant with her fourth child.

Local 2 legal analyst Brian Wice said this scheme doesn't appear to be against the law but it depends on what the pregnancy tests are used for and how far fetched the lie is.

"I don't think you're going to find it violates the law," Wice said.  "Unless perhaps you present it with knowledge that the test results are false to obtain an economic benefit."