A woman was terrorized in her home when a couple of crooks broke into to her town home overnight.

The home invasion happened at around 4:45 a.m. Thursday on Calumet Street and Highway 288 near the Museum District. The woman says she was asleep and then started screaming when she found a man just inches away from her.

Monica Davis was sound asleep on the third floor of her home and says she never heard the burglars breaking in on the first floor through a window.

"Essentially what happened was that they came though, they probably hopped this fence right here, came through this gate, hopped this fence and then came through," Davis said.

She says the crooks stole a brand new TV, a laptop, a cell phone, gaming systems, jewelry and her purse.

"I woke up later and of course I saw the person in my room and so I jumped up and screamed. He ran out with my jewelry sort of trailing in the background," said Davis.

The men that came into her home seemed to be after whatever they could get their hands on, including debit and credit cards.

"My bank has fraud prevention on both my accounts, so they immediately notified me when they tried to use it at a gas station. They didn't allow them to use it," she said.

Even though her wallet was stolen along with other valuables, Davis is just thankful she wasn't hurt in all of this.

Police are hoping video surveillance from the stores where Davis' credit cards were used may help them track down the suspects involved.