A woman drove to a fire station for help after unsuccessfully trying to put out a fire at her northwest Harris County home.

Carolyn Stewart said she woke up to a small fire that started downstairs in her home in the 1900 block of Corral.

By the time she attempted to douse the flames, the fire was too big. At that point, Stewart started looking for her phone to call for help.

"I couldn't reach my phone because it was on the other side of the fire," said Stewart. "I went to the fire station and honked, and the guys came out, and I told them my address."

With a broken ankle, Stewart said she drove to the station just two minutes away, desperate for help.

Firefighters arrived at her home in record time.

Though Stewart managed to escape the fire, one of her dogs did not make it out of the house and died.

Stewart said she thinks an extension cord sparked the fire because she had too many things plugged into it.

Firefighters said they are responding to more and more fires just like this during the holiday season.

"This [makes] about six home fires," said Chief Fred Windisch with the Ponderosa Fire Department. "[They've had] various causes. We've had candles unattended, Christmas decorations, [...] a heating unit, a space heater."

In fact, a fire broke out last week at a home in the 1500 block of Corral. According to emergency crews, that fire was sparked by unattended candles that were left burning. That home was also destroyed.