In December, Shawnna Thompson says she was told she was too big for the chairs at Airtex Nail Salon on Ella and Airtex. Thompson says she's been to the salon before and has never had an issue.

Thompson went to Local 2 after she was told by one of the managers, "Our chairs cost too much and we can't pay to replace them." She says she is now boycotting the salon.

Rhona Townsend, who is co-owner of Colour Nail Bar in Spring, saw Thompson's story and decided to reach out.

"It really hurt me, that somebody could be treated that way." Said Townsend.

 That's when the co-owner of Colour Nail Bar decided to reach out to Thompson, "I came back to the salon the next day and said we have got to do something."

To celebrate individuals of all shapes and sizes, Colour Nail Bar is hosting a Diva Day. The event is sponsored by Mel's Country Cafe and Starbucks on Post Oak and Westheimer.

Diva Day will run from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm on January 18, 2014.