A local investment advisor was reportedly found dead in Mexico after one of his clients claims her money disappeared.

"I had ovarian cancer so I wanted to get my estate in order," Laurie Bauermeister told Local 2.

So three years ago, the Houston businesswoman hired Roger Page of Woodlands Wealth Management Group to handle the $2 million she set aside to eventually start a foundation at a local hospital. She says at first he was great.

"Last year, basically we never saw him or could get him to send anything or show up whatsoever," Bauermeister said.

When she recently checked her Ameritrade account and had it audited, what she discovered nearly made her heart stop.

"Basically, what he did, he wired money straight out of my Ameritrade account straight into Jersey Village Dodge. So he just bought pick-ups," she said.

Bauermeister claims that on three separate occasions, over the course of six months, $155,000 of her money had been used to purchase two trucks and a corvette -- $44,500 in March of last year, $52,800 in May and $59,000 in August.

Bauermeister says her signature was forged so she contacted the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

"I know I'm not the only victim because I've talked to other victims," Bauermeister said.

Right as investigators were set to issue an arrest warrant and file theft charges on Page, Bauermeister says she received word that Page had died in Mexico on Sunday. She and her attorney are trying to verify that.

"It's just ironic that it happens right as the noose is right around his neck basically," Bauermeister said.

If you've had any business dealings with Page and believe you may be a victim, call the Harris County Sheriff's Office Financial Crimes Division at 713-967-5773.