Houston police are investigating a report of a woman who said she was assaulted and had her purse stolen Sunday night in the parking lot of a local WalMart.

Maria Melendez saod she was leaving the store located at 13484 Northwest Fwy with her sister and niece when a man grabbed her purse, knocked her to the ground and fled before she could stop him.

Melendez was not badly injured, but she remains shaken up by what happened to her.

"The man grabbed her purse and tried to go, but she wouldn't let go," said Reyna Rodriguez, a niece of Melendez who witnessed the incident. "He pushed her and hit her on the shoulder."

Melendez fell to the ground and has several scrapes and bruises on her arm, shoulder and knee.

A family member ofMelendez said the store should have more security and lighting in the parking lot.

They are also upset because they say it took Houston police three hours to respond to the call about the assault and purse theft.

According to HPD spokesman John Canon, the person who called 9-1-1 following the incident said Melendez wasn't seriously hurt and declined any help from EMS.

As a result, the call was classified as a priority four call, while police responding to more urgent priority one and priority two calls for help.

"What if it was your mother, you would want someone else to render aid and call the police for your mom," said Celso Abreu, the victim's son.

Other family members worry that Melendez will be afraid to shop in the future.

"She's still hurting. That's something traumatic. I just want her to well-being and to have peace of mind," said the victim's daughter-in-law.