A woman out walking her dogs was robbed by two men armed with knives.

"One kind of got in front of me and one was off to the side and both had knives pointed at my throat," said the victim, who is only being identified as Amanda because the suspects still haven't been caught.

Amanda told Local 2 she knew something was wrong because she saw two men get out of the backseat of a SUV and start to walk towards her.

"I kind of stared running and they took off running after me," she said.

The robbers demanded her cell phone and then left the area. 

It happened just after midnight on Thursday near the intersection of 10th Street and Arlington Street in The Heights. 

"If they were that bold to approach me with two large dogs, that they didn't know if they were aggressive or not, I knew that they would be willing to hurt me," she said.

The suspects were seen getting out of a white Mercury SUV.  Neighbors said they saw the same vehicle in the area the night before and believe they were casing the neighborhood.  Anyone with information is urged to contact the police.