Emotionally shaken with minor hand injuries, Bridget Butler is grateful to be alive after a utility pole snapped and smashed through her windshield. It landed just a few feet away in the passenger seat of her SUV.

"I slammed on my brakes and I didn't realize that it was a pole until the lady in this house was screaming, 'Do not get out of your car,'" said the Fifth Ward resident.

Butler was driving down Sharon Street near Waco in the Fifth Ward around 5:30 Wednesday evening when the pole came crashing through the windshield. She was heading to visit her grandmother just around the corner. Butler was momentarily stunned and was trying to get out of the vehicle when a woman who'd heard the commotion ran onto her porch.

"All I could do was holler, 'Oh my God,'" said the woman, Carrie Johnson.

Johnson told Butler to stay inside the SUV and yelled at several men running to pull her out of the vehicle to stay away.

Firefighters said the wire was still live and someone could've been electrocuted. Tears, hugs, and joy filled the street after a close call that could've been deadly.

"I'm blessed," said Butler through tears.

She says after this accident Christmas will be a little more special this year.

Carrie Johnson added, "My heart is just happy. To look at that truck and she's standing here. You can only just be grateful. And I thank God."

Centerpointe Energy says the broken pole only caused nine customers to lose power initially. As of 10:00 p.m. crews were working to restore power to two of those customers.