Deanne Newton's first thought when she found an old purse sitting in a shopping cart in a Rosenberg parking lot was to throw it away. Then she decided to look inside and realized it wasn't your average purse -- it contained $2,500 in cold, hard cash.

"I saw all these $100 bills, these twenties and hundreds," said Newton. "I mean, just a stack and I went, 'Oh my goodness.'"

Newton then had another decision to make -- whether to keep the cash or return it.

Since the woman's identification was inside, Newton went directly to the woman's house to return it, but for several days couldn't get an answer.

Determined to do the right thing, she finally took the purse to the Rosenberg Police Department. Officers contacted the owner of the purse and allowed Deanne to give it to her personally.

"The case is very unusual," said Lt. Brian Baker, of the Rosenberg Police Department. "We don't get very often where people come into the police department and return money, especially $2,500."

"She was so happy. She had no words to say," added Newton. "She was just ecstatic."

Newton, a member of Lakewood Church who sings in the choir, credits her faith and lessons learned at church with driving her to make the right decision.

"It was a great opportunity for me to show the love of the Lord, you know," said Newton. "Because that's what our motivation should be, is to be good to people, loving to people."

The purse's owner told Newton that she had so much cash because she's been saving money to buy a house.