A Houston woman is calling on a major company to right what she says could turn out to be a costly wrong for her family and her.

Patricia Byrne said she was eating a piece of Oscar Meyer Smoked Turkey Breast when she bit down and realized something was wrong. Her tooth was broken.

"I just felt like something crunch," said Byrne. "And then, I had like sand in there."

She said she contacted Kraft, who owns Oscar Meyer. Byrne said the company sent out an independent lab technician and determined what she bit into was a piece of bone.

"After reviewing your file, we determined that your claim can be best assessed by an outside dental consultant, since they are a disinterested third party," wrote a Kraft Foods representative in a letter to Byrne.

Byrne said she went to a dentist, who determined repairs would cost $2,000, but Kraft was only willing to pay $200.

Local 2 contacted Kraft and a spokesperson has not addressed the specifics but said via email:

"I can assure you consumer safety is a top priority for us and we have a team that can assist Ms. Byrne with her concern."

Byrne said she was only asking Kraft to pay for half of the repair, but said things have changed.

"Now it's different because I've been waiting all this time," said Byrne. "Now I want them to pay for the full treatment."