A woman accused of posing as a police officer and trying to arrest a man has been arrested.

At around midnight on Tuesday, Houston police say a man was approached by a woman while sitting in his car at the Gulf Gas Station at 4350 Airline.

Police said Brandy Nichole Leal asked the man if he wanted to engage in sexual acts. When the man refused, she pulled out a security badge and told him if he didn’t give her his money and cell phone, she would take him to jail, police said.

Scared for his life, the victim said he gave Leal his cell phone. As she walked back to her car, the victim flagged down a patrol officer, who arrested Leal, police said.

People who live in the area say they aren’t surprised by news.

"Crosstimbers and Airline are supposed to be the number one spots for drugs and prostitution in Houston, so this is the target area for robbing, and selling prostitution. It is a terrible thing, it ain't right," said neighbor Charlie Shepard.

Leal is charged with impersonating a public servant. This isn't the first time she has been in trouble with the law. Since 2002, she was has been arrested 14 times and charged with crimes including prostitution, theft, and possession of controlled substances.

If you think you are being approached by a fake officer, ask for identification. Police officers carry identification cards clearly identifying them and their agency, which are harder to fake than badges.