A Pasadena woman is accused of punching a teen girl and her mother after a road rage incident.

Court documents state on Oct. 1 the 14-year-old victim and her mother were backing out of their driveway in the 900 block of Coleman to go to school when Marlena Delafuente was also backing out of a driveway and blocked the mother's vehicle. There was an exchange of words, but the mother drove off.

After stopping at the intersection of Coleman and Harris, investigators say Delafuente then rear-ended the mom's vehicle with her SUV. The teen girl exited the vehicle to check on her 3-year-old nephew in the back seat when police say Delafuente confronted her, then punched the girl three or four times in the face and neck.

The girl's mother exited the vehicle to separate them when court documents state Delafuente also punched her. They say Delafuente then fled the scene.

Police say Delafuente refused to answer questions about the incident.

Delafuente, 26, is charged with injury to child. Bond was set at $10,000.