The woman accused of hitting and killing a bicyclist with her vehicle appeared before a judge Thursday.

Margaret Mayer, 37, was arrested on Wednesday for the Dec. 1 crime.

Authorities said 24-year-old Chelsea Norman was on her way home when she was hit by a car.

Mayer is accused of failing to stop and render aid.

Her attorney said there is no evidence that ties his client to the accident that killed Norman.

“There was no evidence on the vehicle or in the place. It didn't happen,” said Mayer’s defense attorney, Guy Womack. “It was a terrible accident, but Ms. Mayer was not a part of it.”

Court documents show that Mayer's mother told Margaret Mayer's brother, who was in jail at the time, that his sister was drunk, hit a bicycle and did not stop.

“The judge imposed conditions on her to place an intoxilyzer in her vehicle, so if she drives her car, she'll have to represent to the court that she hasn't been consuming any alcohol,” said prosecutor Alison Baimbridge.

Norman's parents sat just down the bench from Mayer.

"Sometimes you have to depend on faith.  Sometimes you just have to grit and do what you need to do. This is the beginning of the process where we can actually see that the person that did it takes responsibility for her actions," said Norman's father, Randy Norman.

Mayer had nothing to say as she left the courtroom.

Prosecutors say they will take the case to the grand jury. The defense attorney said he will tell grand jurors why he believes the case should be thrown out. Prosecutors are waiting on the results of testing from possible DNA evidence.

Mayer is expected to be back in court on March 21.