A nearly 30-year-old cold case murder closed Wednesday.

Carolyn Krizan-Wilson, 71, pleaded guilty to killing her husband, Roy McCaleb, back in 1985.

According to court documents, Krizan-Wilson originally told investigators that a stranger sexually assaulted her and then killed her husband.

Investigators originally charged her with murder, but later dropped the charges.

It was a plea deal and by admitting her guilt, Krizan-Wilson will serve six months in a county jail. She is scheduled to start serving her sentence the day after Christmas.

Pamela Nalley, the victim's daughter, said, "It's been a long road for all of us and I don't think it's fair she got what she got but that was the plea deal that they made."

Prosecutor Bill Exley said, "I agree six months seems like a light sentence on an intentional killing, but keep in mind she may not have ever done a day in jail to begin with and she is 73 and she is going to serve day for day."

For years, there was little to no leads until Krizan-Wilson was indicted in 2008.

The victim's family read an emotional statement in court, but Krizan-Wilson sat and listened with no sign of emotion.

Part of the statement read: "The sentence for this brutal murder is a joke, an insult to my dad. We've been failed by the system here on earth, but one day soon you'll be in God's hands, and he will decide your just punishment for murdering my father."

The victim's sister, Linda Petty, said, "We knew it in our hearts, we knew it and everybody who knew the situation knew it but some of her friends -- oh she couldn't do that, but she said 'I did it' and that's what we really wanted to hear."

The defense attorney said, "Her age and her medical condition, I think that all sides realized that this was probably the just and right decision to make."

The judge allowed Krizan-Wilson to go out the back door of the courtroom to avoid cameras.