It’s long been a place for purebreds, but now, it looks like every dog can have its day at the Westminster dog show. The dog show is now opening the doggie door to mixed-breed competitors.

Portuguese water dogs have been able to compete in the Wetsminster dog show since the beginning, but this year mixed breed dogs will have their chance. Cuba and Caribe are both purebred Portuguese water dogs who are no strangers to agility training. In fact, you may get to see Caribe's offspring, Matisse, compete at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

"Caribe is one of the top producers in the country. He happens to have produced the top show dog in the U.S., so he will be represented at Westminster," said Charles White, a Portuguese water dog trainer/judge.

While mixed breeds won't be able to compete for the prestigious best in show award, they will be included in its new agility trial.

"People go out and adopt these dogs, and why not let them be a part of all of these performance events? They are so much fun for the dogs," said White.

They will show off their skills by weaving in and out of poles, jumping through tires and walking up planks. They will go up against purebred competitors at the elite event. Westminster leaders say the show is a celebration of all dogs, and they are pleased to make a place for mixed breeds in a fast growing canine pursuit.

The Westminster dog show will air Feb. 10-11. The master’s agility championship will take place Feb. 8, a few days before the annual all-breed dog show.

The show at New York's Madison Square Garden also will feature three new breeds. They're the Chinook, the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno and the rat terrier.