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Fake bomb Washington


Oops: Fake bus bomb mistaken for real one

A suspicious bag that sparked the evacuation of a city bus and several roads in Washington state turns out to be a fake bomb.

Pilot makes emergency landing on same highway twice in 8 days

Keith Lopez/WPIX

Pilot makes emergency landing on same highway twice in 8...

A veteran pilot was forced to make his second emergency landing in eight days on the same Long Island, New York, highway.

Stolen dress selfies


Cops: Woman posted selfies in stolen dress

If you steal a dress, you might want to avoid any pictures of yourself in it.

Anchovies at California beach


California beach goes heavy on the anchovies

Who ordered the anchovies? That's what beach-goers may be asking after a huge swarm of the oily fish descended on the shallow waters of La Jolla Shores, California, this week.


North Carolina baby dinosaur stolen

North Carolina Department of Public Safety

Baby dino replica back in N.C. museum nest

A wide-eyed, open-mouthed model of a dinosaur hatchling, the theft of which apparently was captured by surveillance cameras, is safely back in its nest at a North Carolina museum exhibit.

Sprinklers on lawn


Couple saving water amid drought faces fine for brown lawn

A couple who are trying to conserve water by not watering their lawn amid the state's drought received a warning from the suburb and the police department where they live that they might be fined for creating an eyesore.

Pizza delivery box generic


Police: Arrested man had pizzas delivered to station

Police say a man asked to use his cell phone to make a call from jail after being arrested for shoplifting, but he didn't call his family.

garbage dump trash

John Nyberg/SXC

Hauler dumps 2 tons of trash on customer’s driveway

A trash hauler was fined after he dumped nearly two tons of waste onto a customer's driveway in retaliation for an unpaid bill.

Tillamook cheese vans Maness Photography

Men arrested in theft of bright orange cheese vans

Two men were arrested on suspicion of stealing three Volkswagen minibuses that were customized to look like bright orange Tillamook cheese loafs.


iStock Image

Twins born 12 hours apart don't share birthday

Twins have a lot of sharing to look forward to in life, but one set of twins from New York will not be sharing a birthday.


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