SPRING, Texas -

In the aftermath of the fatal stabbing at Spring High School some members of the community are trying to heal through song and prayer.

Twelve hours after the killing, students, parents, teachers and other faculty gathered at Spring Baptist Church to try and make sense of a senseless tragedy.

"It could've been a lot worse," said Cynthia Brown, whose daughter is a cheerleader at Spring HS. "But I am thankful that we're doing what we know to do and that's just to pray."

Students as well as adults were seen several times huddling in prayer. In an effort to give them spiritual strength to cope with the in-school murder, the church also wanted to calm rumors of retaliation and further strife.

"We've got great kids here in Spring,” said senior pastor Mark Estep. “I know they're listening, and I know they're going to help."

Senior Zach Sckittone had been friends with victim Joshua Broussard since the sixth grade. Sckitonne says the praying for him and other students won't stop tonight.

"We have a before school prayer service scheduled at 6:45, before school on Monday," said Sckitonne.

Cynthia Brown said she's never been aware of violence at the school before, but believes security can always be improved.

"It's a sad situation, it could happen to anybody," said Brown. "We're just thankful that the community has pulled together."